Cementing Services

IPON offers Casing Cement, Cement plug etc. with the best pumping equipment.
Model “PCS-521 B” Double Pump Cementer/Re-circulating Mixing Trailer developed by Serva SJS is the most advanced, accurate computer controlled cement mixing system available. The quality of design, component selection, and quality manufacture makes it a benchmark in the industry.
The high energy mixing system can mix the most difficult slurries and the automatic density control will provided superior density control. The pump unit can be utilized for a variety of pumping services including acidizing, cementing, pressure testing and fracturing within the limits of the available  horsepower. The inline triplex pump installation makes the maintenance and service of pumps easier. 
This system is designed for minimum maintenance and operating in extremely harsh environment with temperatures ranging from -20 C to 55 C and relative humidity up to 90%.

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Petro Offshore International Company Niam Kish is one of the most successful and prominent contracting companies in the country's oil and gas industry by achieving a systematic approach, continuous improvement and It will also benefit from the capabilities of a large organization, along with the agility of a small company, with the satisfaction of local and international employers and other stakeholders.