R & D

IPON Companys R & D deportment are working on new technologies that is used to maximize quality pf services، as well costs redaction. The recent studies that reached for executive action are includes:
  • Tornado
The generators “Tornado” is a family of powerful down hole elastic waves emitters designed to remove near-wellbore damage and to increase permeability of the bottom hole zone.
The down hole generators “Tornado” are capable to significantly increase the oil recovery factor and to essentially enhance the intake capacity of the injection wells.
In combination with chemical treatment (e.g. acidizing) the generators “Tornado” are capable to considerably improve efficiency of the well stimulation.
The downhole generators “Tornado” are highly efficient, cost effective tools for following jobs: Welbore cleanouts including sand plug removal, tubing/casing-scale removal, sand-screen cleaning, and near-wellbore skin removal, Cleanout of tubing/casing deposits including paraffin, waxes, soluble scales, and cement.
  • Electrical Pulse Fracturing Technology
Electrical Pulse Fracturing Technology delivers high-power hydraulic pulses exactly where they are needed, improving connectivity between the well bore and reservoir, quickly, safely and efficiently.
The main advantages of the technology are as follow:
  • Enhance oil flow in new or poorly producing wells
  • Recover reserves from non-producing wells
  • Increase flow in injector and disposal wells
  • Most operations are completed within one day, saving both time and money.
  • It uses electricity to create powerful hydraulic impulses to stimulate oil flow in oil wells.
  • There is no need for risky mechanical zone isolation and casing and cement are protected
  • Selective acidizing &  Real Time workover operations
New Zone Isolation Method with Retrievable packer Selective production management in horizontal wellbores with Reliably control inflow or injection within selected sections of the wellbore and Wide range of open hole isolation capabilities with one packer design.
A skin monitoring method is developed based on the concept of inverse injectivity. The aim of the methodology is to analyze skin evolution during acid treatments in both vertical and horizontal wells.

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