Oil Field Development


In hydrocarbon exploration and production, it is important to clearly identify the structure and properties of the underground hydrocarbon accumulation and accommodate them in surface facilities. The reservoir field data is the basis for development of exploration and production planning, which takes into account the economic efficiency and lifecycle cost of the development.

Development Planning

After obtaining mining concession rights and confirming the existence of crude oil, a development plan is prepared. Based on the evaluation of reservoir analysis results, the development planning of the field including the facilities planning is established to optimize the crude production. In this planning, crude recovery is maximized considering the production profile, crude properties change over the production lifetime Additional development may be required in the interim of production phase. It is important to optimize the development cost over the exploration and production life, including initial costs required until the start of production, the development period prior to production and the facility expansion, to accommodate the change of the production profile during the life of production.

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