Thru-Tubing Intervention Tools
Coiled Tubing Connectors
The connector provides a way for attaching tools to the Coiled Tubing (CT). IPON can offer a 
range of proprietary and 3rd party supplied connectors for any operation. These are typically 
attached either by Slip Mechanism, Internal or External “Dimpling” procedure, Roll-on or Quad 
(Standard Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA
A standard BHA would consist of the Connector, Dual Flapper Check Valve, Emergency 
Disconnect & a Dual Circulation Sub, which gives you the basic well control components, as 
.well as the ability to get out of a stuck situation 
(Motor Head Assembly (MHA
Originally the MHA was developed for Coiled Tubing Drilling Operations, so that the 
components of the Standard MHA could be fitted into one tool, shortening the tool string 
considerably. Today the MHA is the preferred tool in any CT operation, over individual 
.components, as they are too cumbersome and take up too much of a deployment length 
.Drop Ball Hydraulic Disconnect
The standard disconnect tool of the industry, whereby pins are sheared when applying pressure 
to a ball pumped through the CT and landing on a seat in the BHA/MHA, shear pressure is 
adjustable. This allows a safe means of disconnecting from a stuck tool string below the 
.Disconnect, and leaves a standard Internal GS Fish neck in place for later fishing operations 
(Dual Flapper Check Valve (DFCV
DFCV is the industry preferred well control means, but there are other types such as ball, dart 
.and a combination of the two 
.Emergency Pull Disconnect
A tool that can be released just by applying a predetermined Over pull to the CT, thus shearing a 
set of pins in the tool. This could be used in operations where inserting a ball in CT is 
.impossible, as when Wire line is used in the CT 
Flow Release Disconnect
Another tool developed to disconnect without the use of a drop ball. The tool is fully pressure 
balanced and activated by flow, not pressure. A secondary set of pins also has to be sheared by 
.Over pull, to avoid premature release 
Heavy Duty Disconnect
A heavy-duty drop ball disconnect developed for CT Drilling, Jarring and other high load 
Dual Activated Circulation Sub
A sub that incorporates two sets of circulation ports. Dropping a ball activates one, and shearing 
pins by applying pressure to the ball on seat. Applying pressure to the CT to burst a preset disc 
activates the other port. This allows circulation even though the toolstring might be plugged up 
below the sub. It can also be used to increase annular velocity or reducing wear on a PDM upon 
.completion of an operation 
Fishing Tools
Hydraulic Release Overshot
This is a heavy-duty flow release tool for CT or Jointed Pipe (JP) operations. It is specially 
designed to catch a variety of standard external fishnecks, and by changing out the bowl & 
.grapple it can easily be converted to a slick OD catch tool 
.Snipper Cutting Overshot
Snipper is a tool by Thru-Tubing Technology specially designed to wash over and catch stuck 
CT in the well. By applying Overpull to the tool, the “grapples” lodge & cut the CT at the 
.desired depth. The Snipper Overshot can be run with a High Pressure Pack-Off, described later 
Hydraulic Release Spear 
This is a heavy-duty flow release tool for CT or JP operations. It is specially designed to catch a 
variety of standard internal fishnecks, and by changing out the bowl & grapple it can easily be 
.converted to a slick ID catch tool 
Continuous CT Overshot
Basically the same as a Snipper, although equipped with regular gripping grapples that will not 
.necessarily cut the CT, and can also be run with a Pack-Off 
High Pressure Pack-Off
This is designed to be run either with the Snipper or Continuous CT Overshot, to provide a 
.pressure tight seal around the CT to be brought out of the well 
Thru-Tubing Motors & Rotational Tools
Tubing Cutting BHA
This BHA combines Hydro-Mechanical anchor, PDM motor and a Hydro-Mechanical Tubing 
.Coiled Tubing Drilling Motors
IPON’s PDMs are considered to be some of the most powerful PDMs in the industry, and just as 
important, most reliable. They come in sizes from 1-11/16”OD to 3- ½”OD with 2-⅛”, 2-⅜” & 
“2-⅞” OD completing the line-up. The PDMs has been run successfully in a variety of heavy 
duty milling operations, extensively in CT Drilling operations including all window milling 
.aspects, tubing cutting, under reaming and plug removal operations 
Full Body Mill
Full Body Mills are ideal for drilling cement & Strontium Sulfate scale. Not recommended for 
.drilling iron 
.Carbide Buttons range in size from 5/16" to ½” 
.Bit Size Range: 1-¾” to 6-¾” in ⅛" increments 
.Circulation ports available from 5/16" for downhole motors to 1" for reverse circulation 
Chomp Mill
.Full Body Chomp Bits are ideal for drilling cement, iron, cast iron, bridge plugs, etc
.Carbide Buttons range in size from 5/16" to 1/2"
.Bit Size Range: 1-¾” to 6-¾” in ⅛" increments 
.Circulation ports available from 5/16" for downhole motors to 1" for reverse circulation 
.Custom sizes also available 
PDC Mill 
The Full Body PDC Mills are ideal for drilling cement & hard scale as Strontium & Barium 
.Carbide Buttons range in size from 5/16" to 1/2" 
.Bit Size Range: 1-¾” to 6-¾” in ⅛" increments 
.Circulation ports available from 5/16" for downhole motors to 1" for reverse circulation 
.Custom sizes also available 
Insert Step Mill
This mill was primarily designed for the removal of nipple profiles in tubulars. It has been used 
successfully on scale removal and opening up the ID of tubulars blocked by scale etc. Can be 
.custom made to any size wanted 
Junk Mill
Typical Tungsten Carbide impregnated Junk Mill. Can be Convex, Flat, Concave or Tapered to 
.suit any eventuality 
.Bladed Junk Mill
Tree or four bladed Junk Mill, very aggressive and with Tungsten Carbide inserts to ensure 
.removal of virtually any obstruction in the well 
Two-Step Underreamer w/Pilot Mill
This multi-faceted tool has the ability of cleaning tubing, casing, drill pipe, liners or even open 
hole. Hydraulically actuated blades allow the capability of running through small diameter 
restrictions and cleaning out larger inside diameters. Tools range in size from 1.7”OD with a 
capability of full wall cleaning to 3.5”ID, to the 5.25”OD tool capable of a full wall clean out up 
to an 11”ID. Self-centralizing by 90o offset blades in two stages eliminates the need for a 
centralizer. A mill or a bit is run as a pilot on the tool, and circulation is established completely 
.through the bit, effectively cleaning and cooling both the bit and the blades 
.Internal Hydro-Mechanical Tubing Cutter
The IPON Internal Hydraulic Tubing Cutter is a pressure activated internal cutting tool designed 
to cut pipe and tubing. The tool comes in various sizes with a range of blade materials and inserts 
.technologies to meet the most demanding of applications. Will cut from 2-⅜”-5-½”OD Drillpipe, Tubing, Casing or Liner 
It is a result of an extensive testing program, which optimized the blade geometry and cutter 
Internal Rotational Hydro-Mechanical Anchor
The Tubing Anchor is used to fix the tubing cutter assembly in a position in the well bore so that 
no axial movement can take place and provides a platform to isolate axial forces and vibrations 
.caused by the PDM from the tubing cutter 
The grip for the anchor is provided initially by a collet expanding when forced with a hydraulic 
piston against a cone. When additional forces are applied these add to the setting force and grip 
.of the anchor. The anchor is reversible so that it can take forces from above as well as below 
Thru-Tubing Impact & Fishing Tools
Up & Down stroke Hydraulic Accelerator
The accelerator is an energy accumulator used in conjunction with the Up or Down stroke 
.Hydraulic Jars to maximize the impact delivered to the stuck point 
Up & Down stroke Hydraulic Jars
The Dual-Acting Coiled Tubing Jar meets the needs of the CT industry; with it’s small outside 
diameter CT Drillers get the quality and performance of a conventional drilling jar. Comes in 
.sizes from 1-¾” -2-¼”OD 
Thru-Tubing Clean-out tools
Spherical Jet Nozzle
The spherical jet nozzle is a unique clean out nozzle with a constant 360 degree jetting 
circumference for complete coverage of the wellbore. The jetting direction can be preset to either 
down stream or up stream jetting tailor making the nozzle to a specific well need. The spherical 
.jet nozzle can be configured in a number of different ways for maximum efficiency 
Debris Catcher
The Debris Catcher is run above the PDM to help catch any debris from the well during a milling 
Sand Catcher Venturi Bailer
The IPON’s Sand Catcher bailer is a flow operated tool that creates a strong vacuum that draws 
fluid and debris into the bailer. A high performance filter allows the fluid to pass through to the 
annulus but traps the debris between the flapper valves at the bottom of the bailer section and the 
filter at the top of the bailer section. Can be run on coiled tubing or jointed pipe and with or 
without a PDM. The nozzle design and proprietary sand filter allow the IPON Sand bailer to 
.outperform conventional sand removal systems 
Thru-Tubing Accessories
Manual Torque Wrench
For easy and accurate make-up of smaller connections, where hydraulic supply is not available, a 
.pipe wrench where you “dial in” your required torque 
;Two different sizes 
2 ⅛”OD up to 550 ft/lbs 
4”OD up to 1,000 ft/lbs 
Hydro mechanical Make & Break Unit
This unit is designed for a safe and efficient make-up and breakout of critical toolstrings. The 
make and brake tong is perfect for the Middle East region with a grip range of 1-½” to 3- ½”OD 
& 5,000 ft/lbs make-up & 7,500 ft/lbs breakout torque. The tong part of the unit only weighs 96 
.kg (220 lbs) and is equipped with a lifting point 
.Assemblies can be made up either vertically or horizontally 
In-Line Filter Sub
This unit is designed to fit in the treating iron string between a fluid pump and the CT reel to 
keep debris from the pump or associated equipment from entering the CT. It will filter particles 
down to 200 microns, and can help improve equipment life and operations dependability, as well 
.as reduce downtime 
Hippo Turbines
These small Kevlar bladed “pigs” cleans and polishes the ID of the CT and further helps keeping 
.debris away from the wellbore& downhole tools 
Down Hole Filter Sub
This unit further helps avoid debris in the BHA and; improves PDM life, and unlike the In-Line 
.Filter, captures contaminants from the CT itself 
Quick Connector
This tool facilitates safe, quick and efficient rig up and change out of BHAs on location. It is 
self-aligning with an anti-rotating locking system and incorporates a swivel system for easy 
make-up. Incorporates a large bore for dropping of balls 
Hydraulic Bowspring Centralizer
,The tool was developed for heavy duty fishing operations, where high impacts are delivered  
with a high yield, torque & bending strength. Incorporates large bore, large piston area and high 
.expansion ratio. No set screws, pins or other small components that can fall of downhole 
Sleeve Type Non-Rotating Centralizer 
This is a sub-type tool that can be incorporated anywhere in the BHA, and the Sleeve will remain 
.still in a rotating situation. Can be manufactured to any size and specification 
Mechanical Bowspring Centralizer
.This tool is designed to go through restrictions and then open back up into the specific tubular 
Single & Double Knuckle Joint
Knuckle joints were designed to make the Fishing string less rigid to gain access to the 
.wellbore/fish and sometimes centralize the CT/BHA in the wellbore 
Tubing End/Nipple Profile Locator
There are different types of this tool, mechanical and hydro-mechanical, designed to locate and 
.give a surface indication, by way of over-pull of nipple-profiles and end of tubing/muleshoe 
Selective Shifting Tool
This tool has been designed to selectively shift PCE, Otis, Camco and Baker Sliding Sleeves 
.SSD). It can selectively open or close multiple SSDs in a single CT trip) 
.It comes in sizes from 2.160”-4.250”OD tools 
Sequence Valve
This tool changes the flow path from the annulus to your toolstring by change in the flowrate. It 
.is easily adjustable by the tension of a spring inside the tool 
Lateral Seeker System
This system was developed to be able to find and enter lateral junctions in both open and cased 
hole applications. It is not one specific tool or even toolstring, but a combination of both standard 
.and dedicated CT tools 
Multi Shot Hydraulic Tubing Punch
This system is purpose designed to punch a single or series of multiple holes in the production 
.tubing during one CT run, eliminating the need for explosives. It is available as standard for 2-⅜”-4-½”OD Tubing  
.Thru-Tubing Packers & Plugs 
Retrievable Packer
Ideal for use on CT or conventional tubing, in straight or deviated well applications, where 
.tubing rotation for activation is not available  
,Tubing testing, Acidizing, Cement Squeeze Jobs, Polymer Treatments, Velocity String Hang-off  
.Tail-pipe extensions etc  
.Available as standard from 2-3/8”-7”OD tubing & casing  
Retrievable Bridge Plug
;Set & Retrieved on Slickline, CT or conventional tubing, and ideal for operations such as  
Acidizing, Fracturing, Cementing, Casing Pressure Tests, Well Head Replacement and Zonal 
.Available as standard from 3-½”-5-½”OD tubing & casing 
(Selective Stimulation Packer (SSP 
The SSP is designed to go through all common nipple profile sizes to set in the tubing. The 
packer elements are activated by pressure, and released by flow manipulation. It is ideal for 
Selective Stimulation, Treating of Perforations/Sand-screens, Tubing Testing and Selective 
.Polymer Treatment for water shut-off/zonal isolation 
.Available as standard from 2-3/8”-7”OD tubing & casing 
Cement Retainer
This Cement Retainer can be set by E-line, Slickline, CT or Jointed Pipe, constructed from 
,tempered cast iron it is easily drillable. Combined with the Hydraulic Setting Tool it can be run 
.set and squeezed through in one operation 
.Available as standard from 2-⅜”-13-⅜”OD tubing & casing 
Thru-Tubing Intervention tools and specialized systems
IPON has a specialized thru tubing intervention division whom are experts in custom made 
solutions to solve any down-hole problem in oil, gas, water and salt wells, and complete project 
Our strength is our flexibility to respond customer needs, and to design tools suitable for any 
.specific problem 
IPON design, manufacture and supply well bore tools for the Oil and Gas Industry to provide our 
customers with efficient, reliable quality products and offer first class performance. The tools are 
designed to be more than fit for purpose by being easily re-dressed in the field, simple to operate 
.and having extended tool longevity 
IPON has a wide range of tools available 24/7 in our Dubai workshop. Our field engineers have 
many years of experience, which gives them the ability to rapidly, create an imaginary picture of 
.the down-hole problem and come up with the best solution 
Thru-Tubing intervention is increasingly used to service highly deviated, extended reach and 
horizontal wells which have become the typical well design in today's field development. IPON 
has developed tools and systems to perform advanced and cost effective thru-tubing intervention 
The following operations are typical for coiled tubing or jointed pipe, but by no means limited 
,to: logging, perforating, setting and retrieving plugs, opening and closing sliding sleeve, fishing 
.removing scale and debris, re-entry drilling, matrix acidizing and acid washing 
Standard bottom hole assemblies 
  Fishing tools
  PDM's and rotational tools
  Impact and fishing tools
  Clean out tools
  Thru-tubing accessories
  Packers and plugs

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